Should You Go For A Marketing Agency or An In-House Marketing Team?

03 Jun

When a consumer company reaches the point where expanding the business is a must rather than being an option, many decisions have to be made. One of these decisions include whether to stay with their own marketing team or to hire an amazon marketing agency to meet their marketing needs. The decision you’ll make will have a great impact on your business and it is imperative that you know the difference between the two, in order to make the most appropriate decision for your case.

One of the differences between an in-house marketing and an amazon marketing agency at, lies within their expertise and capacity to do marketing-related work. The latter has the edge when it comes to expertise, as they focus more on marketing while on the other hand, the former is in a business with a different focus. This means as well, that the agencies have more capacity to handle marketing needs as it is the focus of their work and nothing else.

You may want to insist on keeping your in-house marketing team but, keep in mind that when it comes to training costs, it is definitely more expensive than an agency. In an agency, they already have expertise on marketing and at the same time, they have their own budget and strategy to ensure that their people are always up-to-date with the various innovative points in the industry. On the other hand, you’ll have to spend resources to ensure that your own team are always trained and geared up to handle innovative marketing strategies, which will be detrimental to your business, given that you have a different focus than marketing itself. Make sure to read more here!

The decision you’ll make would also be based on the size of your company. For instance, if you have a big company, having your own team would be way more cost-effective and efficient for your business. On the other end of the spectrum, small businesses who would like to keep up with big companies, would require a marketing agency’s help, since that will also be more cost-efficient for them, instead of hiring individual employees for their own team.

You should understand that marketing requires intense attention from the company. If you wish to make your own team, be prepared to spend enormous amount of time and money if you want them to always provide you with the value you’re looking for. If spending time on that end isn’t something you can afford, you can go for an agency which will allow you to have more focus on your business and still feel at ease with your marketing side. Know more facts about marketing, go to

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